Weekly Wellness Walk with Docktor- Episode 34- System Survey Form Online

-How to take the System Survey Online

July 02, 2020
Season: 1 Episode: 34
Show Notes

In this episode, the 3 co-hosts talk about how to fill out a System Survey Form online, to find out exactly what Standard Process vitamins you should be taking. With events like the Pandemic, a lot of us were left not knowing what supplements to take, the efficacy  of the supplements we were taking, and how to know if our supplements were actually doing us any good. With the System Survey Form, we can answer these questions safely, and from the privacy of our own home. Combining this with Standard Process' Patient Direct, we can take a secure online survey, find out what we should be taking based on the survey results, and order the supplements without ever leaving the safety of the house. 

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Simply complete this On-Line questionnaire and we can determine organ, gland and body system imbalances, and provide nutritional support and lifestyle changes through a comprehensive report sent right to you!
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The Systems Survey has been designed with the input from some of the top practicing doctors.
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