A Note From Docktor-Mom

We're excited that you've found Docktor-Mom! The basic premise behind Docktor-Mom is that there's one in every household. In my house, when I was growing up, everyone looked to mom in times of crisis. She was the person to give us the answers we needed when we were sick, injured, or just not feeling well. It's important to recognize that Docktor-Mom is probably not a doctor (although it is possible), but is usually the loving caretaker of the family. It's also important to understand that Docktor-Mom is not even gender specific, anyone can fill the role.

What we will be doing weekly is giving our readers (and watchers), solid adjunctive information regarding nutrition, diet, and whole-health care. We're excited to introduce concepts like Ketogenics, vitamin and herbal therapies, essential oils, and Homeopathy to improve the overall health of you and your family. 

Although I will be the face of Docktor-Mom, I am not Docktor-mom when it comes to your family, you are. Our idea is to create an army of Docktor-Moms; people who are willing and able to offer their families alternative solutions to various problems, and in turn to help create a much healthier society.  


- Susan Frezza: "Docktor-Mom"

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