Weekly Wellness Walk with Docktor-Mom Episode 22- Pain: Keto vs Steroids

-Dr. Annette Bosworth video review

March 04, 2020
Season: 1 Episode: 22
Show Notes

In this episode our 3 co-hosts dissect Dr. Annette Bosworth's (Dr. Boz) video "Ketosis Relieves Pain". There is an unbelievable amount of information in this podcast, all taken from this video. Dr. Boz equates pain relief to their monetary equivalents. NSAIDS offer a nickels worth of pain relief, Steroids offer 25-50 cents worth of pain relief, and ketones offering from 5 to 25 dollars worth of pain relief. Enjoy listening to us put our 2 cents in on this subject:)

Here is a link to the video referenced throughout the episode:

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