Weekly Wellness Walk with Docktor-Mom Episode 21- Chiropractic Video Marketing

-Tony Seymour from Chiropractic Video Marketing and The Chiropractic Website Specialist.

February 26, 2020
Season: 1 Episode: 21
Show Notes

In this episode we get to do our first interview!. Doing interviews is something we've wanted to add to the podcast, but wanted to get a certain number under our belt to establish a base. Now that we have 20 episodes, it was time to branch out and do our first interview. It is a privilege to get to spend some time interviewing Tony Seymour, who is a Chiropractic Website Specialist, and the founder of the company, Chiropractic Video Marketing (https://www.chirowebsitepro.com/). Tony has been a friend, mentor, and coach of mine for many years,  so I'm very happy to welcome him to the podcast. Enjoy!

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