Episode 5- Keto: What We Did

-Exactly what our three hosts did to achieve their health and weight loss goals

November 08, 2019
Season: 1 Episode: 5
Show Notes

In this episode, our three hosts tell exactly what they did to lose weight, and change their lives for the better.  Each co-host discusses their own individual protocol, what worked, what didn't work and most importantly how you can adapt some of these techniques to begin your own exploration toward personal wellness.  Docktor-Mom, Dr. Mike and Matt talk about prolonged fasting, which requires experience, patience, and sometimes a physician's supervision. Taking these concepts one step at a time can help you to achieve many of your health and wellness goals.

The link to purchase "The Real Skinny on Fat" is: https://therealskinnyonfat.com/optin/

The link to "The Real Skinny on Fat" interviews. This is free to watch on YouTube and is highly recommended: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Febc7zg0RXo&t=4716s

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