Things We Are Doing at Home to Help Combat the Corona Virus

Category: Health
March 20, 2020

            In these uncertain times, a lot of the patients have been asking Sue and I about some of the things we’re doing at home to help keep our family healthy and safe. In this episode the three co-hosts talk about the safeguards and measures we are taking to try and stay healthy. 

            There are three main vitamin products that we are utilizing daily, two essential oil products, and an increase in our maintenance number of chiropractic adjustments that we give ourselves and our kids.

            The three vitamin products are all by a company called Standard Process. We take Congaplex, which is their “natural antibiotic” product to help our bodies fight off foreign invaders, Immuplex, which is their product to help keep the immune system strong, and their Garlic product. When you ingest garlic, your body makes something called Allicin, which acts as a natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral agent. 

            The two essential oils we are using are by a company called doTerra. The two products are called OnGuard and Breathe. OnGuard is another way to bolster the immune system, and Breathe helps keep our airways clear (remember, there is a respiratory component to the Corona Virus). We utilize these oils topically (usually on the soles of our feet), in the air (using a diffuser), and we take them internally (gel caps and cough drops). 

            The last thing we are doing is staying away from the comfort foods (candies, cakes, enriched carbohydrates, etc.). We want to stay a fat burner, and not resort to sugar as our primary source of energy. All these things as well as keeping our nervous system functioning optimally via increased chiropractic adjustments (we’ve increased our individual maintenance care to 2 adjustments/month) are the strategies we are using to keep our family as healthy as possible.

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