Lisa Mitchell from doTerra and her Introduction to Essential Oils

June 04, 2020

         This week Lisa Mitchell from doTerra is back. The idea behind this podcast was to give a basic idea of how to use the essential oils you get in the doterra basic oil kits. What we’ve found is that people get all gung-ho to sign up with doTerra, they purchase one of the introductory kits, the oils come, and then they sit there in the box, intimidating the person who so eagerly purchased them. Because of this Lisa usually gives a basic oil class so that the purchaser can start gaining the benefits of the oils they have purchased. 

We have had several patients do these classes at our office, but sometimes people fall through the cracks, and cannot attend one of these classes. This is our attempt to do a podcast-version of that class. It does not replace the actual live instruction that these classes provide, but it is a stopgap, enabling you to use your oils until you can get to a live class. Enjoy… 

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