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November 08, 2019

            This week’s episode of the podcast is an exciting one, it is an in-depth description of exactly what the three of us did to lose our weight and get healthier! 


This is a question that we’ve been asked over and over again. I’ve had many patients pull me aside at the office and ask, how did we do it? I know Matt and Sue have become tired of giving the same answer to these questions. People always ask: What exactly was it that put you over the top, and enabled you to lose so much weight? Between the three of us we’ve lost over 150 pounds, feel and look healthier, and have an unlimited supply of energy. This is the podcast episode where we share it all with you.


The interesting thing about it is that it’s easier than you think. The great thing about Keto is that it’s been around as long as humans have been walking the earth. Because our ancestors were hunter/gatherers, there were times (a lot of them) where there wasn’t anything to hunt or gather. But, because these early humans derived their energy from fat as opposed to sugar, it was very easy for them to fast, sometimes for long periods of time, when there wasn’t any food available. 


I don’t want to spoil any of the answers in this blogpost, so you’ll have to listen to the episode to get the real skinny on fat. So, like a Keto-pizza, or a peanut-butter cheesecake fat bomb…enjoy!

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