Intermittent and Long-Term Fasting

Category: Keto
November 13, 2019

            In this week’s episode Matt, Sue and Doctor Mike talk about the merits of intermittent and long-term fasting. Matt elaborates on the significant role that fasting played, enabling him to lose more than 80 pounds.


            There is also a discussion on the different types of fat in the human body (brown vs white adipose), and why men tend to lose weight quicker than women.

The interesting part when listening to Matt describe the 4 factors he used to lose weight and change his life, the short and long-term fasting may have made the most impact. He tells people, when they ask, that he lost the weight doing a ketogenic diet, using short (intermittent) and long-term fasting, and through weight training. All three co-hosts still utilize these 4 things, enabling them to keep the weight off and keep their energy levels high. 


            This is the 3rd podcast in the series focusing predominately on weight loss. Episode 4 was the history behind the ketogenic diet, Episode 5 was a discussion on how, and the way we ate, to lose the weight, and this episode closes us out with both short and long-term fasting. Our goal was to give you a guidebook of 3 podcasts, that if you listened, would spell out exactly how the 3 of us lost over 150 pounds combined. Enjoy! 

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