Special Episode: Frank Wolfe Patient Direct

Category: Health
April 09, 2020

         In this episode our three co-hosts welcome back Frank Wolfe from Standard Process Laboratories. Frank has some very exciting news to share with us, that Standard Process has started something called Patient Direct. Patient Direct is a way that existing patients of Dr. Frezza’s can order their supplements online from anywhere in the country and have them shipped directly to their home. 

            This information is a game-changer, because patients can now fill out a System Survey Form online (a form that conveys your symptom’s to Doctor Frezza). Once Dr. Frezza has analyzed your form, he can then recommend the supplements that best fit your symptoms, based on the System Survey Form. Once the supplements have been recommended, then any approved patient can order their supplements online, and in most cases get their supplements within a 48-hour period. In these turbulent times, getting on your supplements as quickly as possible, is of the utmost importance. Enjoy the podcast and let us know if we can assist you in any way.

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