May 28, 2020

            This week on the “Weekly Wellness Walk with Docktor-Mom” our 3 co-hosts talk to Frank Wolfe from Standard Process Laboratories about the vitamin supplement Cholacol. Several weeks back (Episode 26) we did a podcast episode called, “Keto: No Gallbladder, No Problem”. In this episode we talked about how the body can still break down fat, even without a gallbladder. What I failed to mention was that Cholacol is the supplement that I recommend when someone has had their gallbladder removed, or their gallbladder becomes “sluggish”. 

Even if someone has their gallbladder, eating keto is obviously a fat-based diet. A lot of the time, the gallbladder can get “overwhelmed”, leading to symptoms like light-colored stools, inability to tolerate fats and oils in the diet, and constipation. This is episode is a “must listen” for anyone who lives a ketogenic lifestyle. Enjoy…

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