CBD Clinic and Pain Relieving Ointments

January 29, 2020

            A few months ago a company by the name of CBD Clinic (www.cbdclinic.com) sent me some samples of their pain relief cream and ointment. Over the years I’ve had quite a few companies send me samples of things to give to our patients and see if they help. Usually, these products never see the light of day. But my father had been complaining of wrist pain for about 18 months. 

My dad lives in Florida most of the year but comes North to visit during the Summer months. He was complaining about how he hadn’t played golf in over a year due to his wrist pain. Having just received the CBD Clinic samples, as an afterthought, I handed him a few packs and told him to give them a try. Two days later he came back into the office to get adjusted and reported that he was feeling a lot better. By the following week he felt like he could play golf again. 

That prompted me to give the sample packs a try as well. My right thumb had been really hurting me since early June. I injured it adjusting someone’s neck, and was really in a lot of pain, so I applied the CBD Clinic Pain Relief Cream that evening, and the following morning. By the evening of the next day my thumb was about 85% better. 

At this point I wanted to try giving the remaining sample packets to some of my patients, and the results were outstanding! Several patients called back the very same day asking if they could buy some more. I never truly intended to carry any of these products, but due to all the positive results, I had the office manager place an order. 


From the CBD Clinic Website, these are the conditions they are advertising that their products help:

Muscle Pain, Nerve Pain, Back and Neck Pain, Leg and Knee Pain, Joint Pain, Cramps, Arm and Shoulder Pain, Foot Pain, Ligament Pain, Sprains, Hip and Torso Pain, Repetitive Stress, Tendon Pain, Arthritis, Hand and Wrist Pain, Bruises. Also pain associated with the following conditions: Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis, Surgery, and Sciatica. 

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