A Ketogenic History Lesson

Category: Ketogenics
November 01, 2019

            In this week’s podcast Matt, Sue and Doctor Mike give a brief history lesson on where the “Fat is Bad” concept came from. There was a Physiologist by the name of Ancel Keys who helped propagate this myth. He was very influential in bringing the American Heart Association to prominence, and even had ties to President Eisenhower due to his relationship with the president’s cardiologist, Doctor Paul Dudley White. 

            Keys is also responsible for one of the first studies linking fat to heart disease. This concept was held up as medical fact for decades. Fortunately, after revisiting Key’s findings, modern science has all but done a 180 degree turn-around. It was found that Keys hand-picked some of the subjects he studied, and didn’t exactly give the whole story in regards to what he actually saw, when interpreting the data from his study.

            Lastly, our three cohosts discuss an exciting documentary called “The Real Skinny on Fat” (https://therealskinnyonfat.com/optin/). This documentary is a very in-depth look at ketogenics, intermittent and long-term fasting, as well as a plethora of other great information concerning longevity and your health. I’ve watched this 20+ hour documentary twice, and highly recommend it to anyone interested in getting educated on the cutting-edge research that is being done in the dietary and alternative health field. So without further ado…enjoy Episode 4.

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